Sunday, April 22, 2012

Teaser time baby!

Another flick a few of us are rather excited about. I was personally a big fan of dope 1 and 2, cant imagine how good Dope 3 will be. Keep your eye on the look out for this one. Dope 3 will either be dropping late August or early Fall.
DOPElll Trailer from DOPE INDUSTRIES on Vimeo.

Evaporate teaser coming at your face!

Seven Springs new film Evaporate which will be dropping this fall 2012. Id suggest taking a look at it. Our Boy Ian Macy put in some hard work and busted out on hell of a teaser. Also take a look at the names at eh end of teaser, you might see a noticeable name. Space Cowboys very own Hunter Miller will be featured in the film. A big thanks to our friend Ian Macy for filming and putting in those long hours of editing. Keep up the hard work homie!
Evaporate Teaser from Seven Springs Terrain Parks on Vimeo.