Sunday, April 22, 2012

Teaser time baby!

Another flick a few of us are rather excited about. I was personally a big fan of dope 1 and 2, cant imagine how good Dope 3 will be. Keep your eye on the look out for this one. Dope 3 will either be dropping late August or early Fall.
DOPElll Trailer from DOPE INDUSTRIES on Vimeo.

Evaporate teaser coming at your face!

Seven Springs new film Evaporate which will be dropping this fall 2012. Id suggest taking a look at it. Our Boy Ian Macy put in some hard work and busted out on hell of a teaser. Also take a look at the names at eh end of teaser, you might see a noticeable name. Space Cowboys very own Hunter Miller will be featured in the film. A big thanks to our friend Ian Macy for filming and putting in those long hours of editing. Keep up the hard work homie!
Evaporate Teaser from Seven Springs Terrain Parks on Vimeo.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hell Track!

For all you post season rippers, Weekend Warriors, and core bois looking for something to do, head up to Hunter Mountain, New York BIG BOULDER PARK, PENNSYLVANIA. Taking place Saturday, March 24th, not the 25th as scheduled before, Big Boulder Park and Flour City Distribution are teaming up for one hell of an event that helps out the community and you. With the likes of spring riding, slush, beer drinking, and a day of fun, what couldn't you like about this event. There will be some banked and rhythm sections along with some other spring riding features. This will be the pre-MayDay party you won't want to miss. We hope to see all of you out there for this one!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Closing Day at RMR Parks

Well the time has finally come, after the biggest struggle and lamest excuse of a winter in years, it is over at our local resort. Roundtop shut down Sunday at sunset, but that didn't stop us from putting in some laps before closing. Fun times were had by all, we even got a little muddy. Art McBshaw decided to grace us with his Flamingo Lounge presence once more for a edit (check out Flamingo Lounge here for some weird and awkward shit that you will most likely enjoy.) Expect some more hot footy to drop from us as we get kinda serious up at Big Boulder this coming weekend, but for now check this closing day edit out.

What a view..

Hunter and Justin got at it bright and early this morning. Lots of bites this morning but no major catch. Here is a cool looking picture that Hunter took this morning right after sun rise.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Industry Day at Mountain Creek

Industry Day was held at Mountain Creek on Tuesday, March 6th for all the Mid-Atlantic riders, reps, and companies in the snowboard industry. Flour City Distribution came out with some of their team riders and threw together a tight edit from some laps through the park. Flour City Distribution is the main distributor for Capita, Union, ThirtyTwo, Coal, Ashbury, Howl and Poler for the Mid-Atlantic region and shows part of the reason here with the representation they have. Catch ya boi Hunter Miller and ya gurl Gorilla Zoe Mayers in this edit, Funtastik and Space Cowboys Crew representing.

Spring Fishing.

That time of the year again, when all the resorts close up and its time to break that rod back out. Hunter and Justin did some boarding at RMR, then took to the stream to get some spring fishing in.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Space Cowbois at RMR

Most of the crew enjoyed a fun day of slush and rail dancing. Guest appearance by Art McBshaw himself and Aaron Wilson. First little short edit of many to come so keep posted.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

PC at night!

so pretty much watch this edit from Park City, Utah and you'll see why i posted it. good tunes better boarding.

Stephen Wilson Is The Champion

As you may or may not have heard, good ol' Roundtop Mountain Resort threw together a rail jam last night with DC Snow and Dakine. The setup was cool and all, but it started pouring rain at about 6pm and the jam started at 7pm. Whatever though, it's the East Coast, we should have known it would happen. In the end, Stephen Wilson, came out on top with the win, getting hooked up with a new 150 DC MLF and a pair of DC boots. Hollaatchaboi Steve-O, now you can do those pressy zeach moves and fast paced spins better with that shorter board.

Friday, March 2, 2012

lu killing it!

Spring is almost in full effect boys and girls

every year around this time, we all start to get notifications, invites and shit like that to post snow season jams. The most famous on that comes to my head is MAY DAY at Big Boulder, PA. well tonight will most likely be the start of these events. there will be a RAILJAM at Roundtop Mountain Resort tonight. for all you go getters out there i would take a look and test you're luck. Registration will be held from 4:30PM-6:30PM, along with a $10 Registration fee. GOOD LUCK!

along with Roundtop event tonight there will be others throughout the spring

Seven Springs will be holding the Red Bull Butter Cup on March 16th. you can find more details at

another big event, that i mentioned in the above post is MAY DAY. every year we flock from all over the MID - ATLANTIC to come and ride on last time before mom and dad ship us off to summer camp. for the most part its one big party. last year Big Boulder had a lift open and a full run. hopefully this year will be just as eventful for all of us!

since we have one VG teaser why dont we add them all to the blog

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A New Teaser and Some Music For Your Weekend

This Thursday is special for two reasons:

1. What really gets me stoked every year around this time and the spring months to follow is the teasers for the fall films that will release. Videograss decided to stay ahead of the game, as if they had anything to prove to anyone, and dropped the teaser for their fall 2012 movie today. If this movie is anything like "Shoot the Moon" or "Retrospect", be ready for some hard bodying and good tunes. Keep watch for future updates on this movie "Enlighten" at

2. DJ Fortini dropped a full-live spring break track filled with some of the hottest, pounding computer sounds mixed with gangster melodies you will hear in a minute. This is the total opposite of the shit music you would hear at an "Under 21 club", also known to some as the "problem with today's society." This kid is local and knows what's up, mixing all his tracks himself. If you like you some good music check this out:

KTC: Holy Smokes teaser

I don't know if any of you have seen the new Keep the Change teaser, but its name is pretty self explanatory!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bear Mountain at RMR Parks

Some warm East Coast riding at RMRparks. Not every day do we get 55 degree blue bird weather, but we seem to have a lot of it this season. Your Space Cowboys gettin loose on a spring day with many Chris B tricks to go around, check it. Edit by Matt Stambaugh Media.


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