Today the boys, (Hunter and Justin), went out super early, around 2:30AM and did some good old fishing! Hunter Caught the first bass of the season, early this morning. Hunter followed it up with another small bass, and Justin followed with a few fish of his own.the boys ended the morning with a total of 5 fish. great way to start off the fishing season!

Justin and Hunter were out before sunrise, testing they're luck in the water again. 10 minutes into Justin's first cast he caught this little guy.

Hunter Brought the pup along to go fishing today. Benny catching some rays on the dock.

Benny scaring away all those fish that may have been near.

Hunter was getting artsy today while the fish were slow to bite.

The Boys went to a party last night, (nothing new). Justin with a nice pose.

Hunter got himself a new AL Capone hard case last night.

Getting weird never looked so good.

Please remember everyone, don't fall asleep with your shoes on, that is all we ask.

Justin getting that first cast out there!

Justin found a little friend trying to fight his way up steam.

Hunter with one final cast before we called it quits.

Hunter starting out the night with a message from the beer gods. "Hope is in the Hops"

What is that thing?!

Boarding, Beers and Baby Stuffed Beers.

Group pictures are real trendy right now.

Yo bro is that an iphone 4?!

Brooke always having a good time with the boys.

Ian with the final flip of the night.

We all had a good amount of fun last night, most of us were in different areas but there is no doubt we had fun. the morning after followed up with some good boarding as well

Last night brought many things. good times, rain, more rain, a rail jam, Stephen Wilson a nice win. here is a picture of Hunter Miller getting burly on the down flat from last night. note he also did a tuck knee to flat on the same rail.
Photo Cred: Michael Ruth

Jordan just keeps getting pounded with snow. while we all get rain on the east coast. have fun brother make the most of it!

Jordan having mad pow days out in colorado this year! look for a pow edit to drop very soon!

Nothing like a tailpress to on a bluebird day

Some shots from the night time shoot on the stairset at RMRparks

 A picture is worth a thousand words, but these pictures will be worth millions. All the weird shit that goes on will be sure to make its way to this page. Have something cool that you think is worthy of being on our site, send it over to