Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring is almost in full effect boys and girls

every year around this time, we all start to get notifications, invites and shit like that to post snow season jams. The most famous on that comes to my head is MAY DAY at Big Boulder, PA. well tonight will most likely be the start of these events. there will be a RAILJAM at Roundtop Mountain Resort tonight. for all you go getters out there i would take a look and test you're luck. Registration will be held from 4:30PM-6:30PM, along with a $10 Registration fee. GOOD LUCK!

along with Roundtop event tonight there will be others throughout the spring

Seven Springs will be holding the Red Bull Butter Cup on March 16th. you can find more details at

another big event, that i mentioned in the above post is MAY DAY. every year we flock from all over the MID - ATLANTIC to come and ride on last time before mom and dad ship us off to summer camp. for the most part its one big party. last year Big Boulder had a lift open and a full run. hopefully this year will be just as eventful for all of us!

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