Thursday, March 1, 2012

A New Teaser and Some Music For Your Weekend

This Thursday is special for two reasons:

1. What really gets me stoked every year around this time and the spring months to follow is the teasers for the fall films that will release. Videograss decided to stay ahead of the game, as if they had anything to prove to anyone, and dropped the teaser for their fall 2012 movie today. If this movie is anything like "Shoot the Moon" or "Retrospect", be ready for some hard bodying and good tunes. Keep watch for future updates on this movie "Enlighten" at

2. DJ Fortini dropped a full-live spring break track filled with some of the hottest, pounding computer sounds mixed with gangster melodies you will hear in a minute. This is the total opposite of the shit music you would hear at an "Under 21 club", also known to some as the "problem with today's society." This kid is local and knows what's up, mixing all his tracks himself. If you like you some good music check this out:

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